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XPDC - Hijau Bumi Tuhan 
XPDC - Hidup Bersama 

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XPDC birth of Tragedy breakup group. Tragedy is the name of the original group XPDC group.
Tragedy groups only have time to prepare 50% of the recording when two members of Yazid and Man Tobey withdrew. Yazid and was replaced by Man Tobey Lee Space and Zua. Tragedy group name was changed to the above advice group XPDC JSKevin producers. When they began to crawl to create the name, drummer Lee Space they decided to get out of this group.Place has been replaced by former team member Amy HANDY BLACK. Lee joined the group Space Def Gab C. Yazid ( "wak kang") who later became drummer XPDC menggalas duties as manager group XPDC unofficially.
XPDC group began making a name with the song spelled "love" creation ZN Kevin and lyrics by J. Kevin S.. The song was the final Juara Lagu 1990 with robust performances XPDC.
Withdrawal Mael main singer has invited the greatest controversy. Mitjana pengiat art fans and expect the group will be XPDC berkubur. However XPDC name still survive longer and become more popular. More unique album Brutal (album last Mael with XPDC) has sold more than 300.000 units of the achievement of the best selling album XPDC.
Mael lack space to give Ali (former singer Terra Rossa). Amy suffered a disastrous road is not capable of playing more lively songs has been replaced temporarily by Lola. A year after it officially Lola menggangotai XPDC when Amy decided to pull out (eliminated?). XPDC under new management under Mr Ahmad Nazri Hj Abdul Rahman Ali with their lead singer, has built a studio jamming, and training and office management XPDC in Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang.Unfortunately, internal problems with the Life Records (their record company) and external parties has led to suggestions of studios and offices are closed. Effect after the group members began to see cracks and disappointed at XPDC.
However, after some time Lola was postpone to join themselves from XPDC Search as disappointed with the management and XPDC place taken over by Pae (former drummer Manga.) But Lola is soon to end because Yazid Search (Search original drummer) to play backSearch.
Bass guitarist XPDC Zua postpone themselves as to bring itself to establish haluannya Viper.This experiment is not successful and failed album, although Zua intention to record the album and contributed vocals achieved. Yan Lefty replace Zua as bass player for the group XPDC. He is not a new person with XPDC but also play a role 'turn' XPDC behind the scenes since the album We Peng-Yu.
XPDC also appeared in the film 'Nadia' and a special appearance in the film 'Vibrations'. In addition they starred Telemovie titled Apa Nak dikata and Sakinah. Telemovie in this line-up consists of XPDC Ali, Izo, Yan, and Lola.
Until now XPDC active touring stage throughout the land. They are indeed synonymous with the title 'King Funfair' which is a way for XPDC to juxtapose themselves with fans at the expo sites throughout the country.

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